Mouth Cancer Awareness Month

October is mouth cancer awareness month.

Facts about mouth (oral) cancer.

There are 6500 cases diagnosed every year in the UK.

Early diagnosis greatly improves the chances of treatment.

It affects people of all ages (not just the elderly).

Smoking and chewing tobacco like products (like pan, quid and betel nut) are major contributing factors.

High alcohol intake is also a major contributing factor, especially when accompanied by smoking and chewing tobacco like products.

The human papilloma virus is associated with STDs and this in turn can cause a significant risk of oral cancer, especially in younger patients.

Reducing your risk of getting oral cancer.

What should you do?

Stop smoking.

Reduce alcohol intake.

Have regular check ups with your dentist even if you have no or few natural teeth.

If you have any concerns, contact us to make an appointment for a check up.

Some useful web sites for more help and information.