CEREC One Visit Crown

CEREC machine main2

The “CEREC” way of making crowns and similar restorations is the most up to date computerised system for making dental restorations (such as crowns, onlays, or veneers). This technology means you can usually have your tooth restored in one appointment without the need for impressions.  The images of your teeth are scanned into the “CEREC” machine to enable us to design and fabricate your restoration.

This usually means at Rumney Hill Dental Surgery Cardiff there is no need for impressions, temporary crowns or an additional appointment to complete your treatment. 

Most crowns use mothods that require more than one trip to the dentist. This usually involves a "prep"; which is an injection of local anaesthetic then the dentist prepares the tooth so it can hold your new crown and after that a temporary crown is placed on your tooth.

You then need to come back for another visit a few weeks later. The dentist you give you another injection, take the temporary crown off and have the new crown put in place.

With a CEREC crown you do not need to come back for the second visit. It is all done in the one appointment as well as fewer injections and less time overall.

To book an appointment to find out about CEREC restorations call us on 02920 778438 or email us on enquiries@rumneyhilldental.co.uk