Having a Root Filling

In the event of the "nerve" of your tooth dying or becoming infected, your dentist may suggest a root filling (endodontics) as a way to save your tooth from extraction.  

Your dentist will use both instruments and disinfectants to clean the inside of your tooth, removing the infected nerve tissue and bacteria. The space would then be filled to seal your tooth to prevent further infection.

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As a result of previous damage and treatment to your tooth it may be weaker. To manage this your dentist may advise a crown or onlay over the tooth after the root filling is completed.

We are very lucky at Rumney Hill Dental Surgery Cardiff as Dr Andrew Bartley has a special interest in endodontics (root canal treatment). He is currently working towards an MSc in Clinicial Endodontics and is experienced in using an operating microscope to further enhance the quality of treatment he is able to deliver. We are very proud of the standard of care that we can deliver to our patients as a result of Dr Bartley's further training.