Dental Hygienist

Carole Bartley Hygenist

Carole Bartley Dental Hygienist

Did you know that you do not need to be a patient in order to see our hygienist? With direct access you can call for an appointment when you would like to!

At Rumney Hill Dental Surgery Cardiff we share with all our patients that good oral health is an indicator of general health. Regularly visiting a dental hygienist is a good opportunity to learn about what you can do to keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possibly.

Hygienists use different techniques to clean all your teeth and gums, following that the hygienist then finishes by polishing your teeth which leaves your mouth feeling great. 

At Rumney Hill Dental Surgery Cardiff we also offer the latest techniques and options for stain removal and polishing to our patients. We now offer Air flow polishing, to find out more about air flow polishing, Click here.

Most importantly hygienists model the most effective way of cleaning your teeth, this could be important if you are having brushing difficulties or missing areas within your mouth when brushing. This is the key preventing fututre problems.

Scaling and polishing your teeth removes staining as well as any calculus that gathers above or bellow the gums themselves. The hygienist's role is cruitial in preventing gum disease.

At Rumney Hill Dental Surgery our Hygienist Carole also offers smoking cessation advice as part of her role please ask at the practice for more information about this.

To book an appointment to see our Hygienist Carole click here.